Dear business partners and valuable employees;

In recent years, all the sectors in our country also automotive independent aftermarket have been effected positively by growing, stable economic atmosphere. Despite of turbulences that are going on in all global markets and being one of the sector leader, automotive independent aftermarket keeps growing and at the same time it saddles us various responsibilities and mission as a setting sample of one of the sector leader in our country.

In order for our country to take a step further with steady and predictable economy, we should maintain a perception of working as a whole in the same direction with suppliers, employees, respected non-governmental organisations of business life, universities and state agencies by creating more added values.

We are proud to have 3 important values in our company: unity, coordination and quality of business environment. We value our employees, respect them and bear prior responsibility of protecting their rights.

Accomplishing genuine and sustainable projects, enhanced technological infrastructure, work discipline and consistent sustainable customer satisfaction make us successful to establish an emotional bond with our customers, while fullfilling the requirements of institutionalization nevertheless will never give up the values that form family businesses and make us what we are.

We set sail to new directions to add new success stories on top of the ones that we already have by bonding the corporate culture with the acquired experiences in the past and innovations of future. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have provides us with the greatest support on this journey.


Süleyman Otomotiv
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