Human Resources

Human resources management is liable to create a dynamic, in process of development and innovative environments for the employees enabling them increasing their performances, supporting individuals to consider corporate targets as their own which makes it easier to reach corporate targets efficiently and operatively.

Human Resources Policies

Our aim is to maintain our company identity of being strong with our communication skills, high desires for success, business and outcome oriented, information sharing minded, taking responsibility, exercising authorities, ready for innovation and alternation.

Our company perform this task using training, motivation and performance management effectively.

Suleyman Otomotiv considers to be the ‘ preferred company ‘ as a human resources strategy for its employees.

In accordance of criterias and targets in advance, our company reasses of performance in regular basis and provide training sessions by supporting employees with their self-development.

Profile of our employees and human resources are open-minded to innovation and alternation, high motivatated to success, believes in team work and soul, using resources and time efficiently and at the same time highly sensitive to social responsibility.

Süleyman Otomotiv
Süleyman Otomotiv

Selection and Placement

Suleyman Otomotiv applies recruiting process for the employees that have the characteristictics of believing in team-play, motivated at all times for being a part of this team, innovative, proactive, high performance, making self-development a life standart, highly sensitive for the people and environment.

How do you apply for a job to Suleyman Otomotiv?

You may check our active job advertisements from our web page called Recruiting Opportunities and private rectuiting company website called . You may use our e-mail address called for general applications by attaching your curriculum vitae.

What are the steps of recruiting process in Suleyman Otomotiv?

After receiving recruitment demands from different departments, our human resources department start collecting applications starting out from the general applications that we receive from our website called recruiting opportuinities and after that we take job advertisements into condideration. We organize meetings with the applicants that are confirmed after evaluating their curriculum vitae. After having the first meeting with the applicants, we organize another meeting with the deparments that they will work with if they are accepted. For some of our job interviews or meetings, we include presentations too. We finalize the recruitments by accepting the applicant that is most suitable for the job.

Education (Constant Development)

Suleyman Otomotiv sees and recognizes a bond between the self-development of our employees and the development of our company.

Our company applies a competency-based training program in order to care self-development of our employees to reach our corporate goals and strategies, develop their potential and increase their performance.

Performance (Performance Management)

The success of Suleyman Otomotiv relies on minding innovative ideas, performance and creativity of our employees. Performance management; helps us to determine our objectives and initiative, making us focus more on our objectives to be successful for our future plans and projects. By sharing our common objectives with our employees in Suleyman Otomotiv that , we constantly aim to run for the common goal.

Süleyman Otomotiv
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