Süleyman Oto
Süleyman Oto


Suleyman Otomotiv applies ‘Sustainable Development’ process in its all quality management investments. With this approach, our company integrates our business processes and objectives with sustainable quality principle and applies total quality management principle.


By gaining the trust of our customers in ciritical business applications, respecting ethical values as their technological partner, our quality policy is;

  • Behaving in the way of our establishment corporate identity
  • Obeying the laws and regulations that deal with our services
  • Pursue for the innovations and developments in sector
  • Comply with terms of quality Management System and make sure to remediate it
  • Using resources efficiently with the active involvement of employees
  • Maintain and increase the customer satisfaction sustainability
  • Discussing the customer complaints and analyze them in clearance, fair-minded, justice, and sensitivity princibles framework
  • Taking service quality under control and applying constant development by grasping the demands and complaints of customers well.


The objective of Suleyman Otomotiv is to give upmost value to employees during business operations and creating more secure and healthy working environment by reducing the loss to least-worst scenario.

Our company urges our suppliers and business partners, to be liable about occupational safety and health in their companies.

  • Our aim is to have a system which everyone will be a contributor,
  • Providing a healthy, secure and tranquil working environment to our customers, suppliers and emloyees by making the safety of an individual as our basic principle.

    Our company takes customer suggestions / complaints seriously and fairly by taking legal framework into consideration, using regular reports, and training our employees to enhance themselves. All of our customer complaint claims are open to public at all tmes during pursuance process. Principal of our process approach;

  • Establishing business partnership that mutually creates value and sustainability
  • Creating sustainability in customer relations by keeping customer satisfaction at uppermost level
  • Providing practical, fast, efficient and realistic solutions by keeping individual information privately
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