Süleyman Automotive held its traditional workshop

We are happy to leave behind another workshop in 2018, where we determined the roadmap of our company and shared our plans with our valuable employees. First of all, I would like to congratulate all our employees and stakeholders for their 2017 performance.

At our workshop held in Bursa, productive decisions were taken to transform a planned process into realistic and result-oriented actions. In a world where rapid and radical changes are experienced, the importance of accurately reading global, regional and domestic developments in the sector and producing the right policies by making long-term predictions was emphasized.

In an environment where our suppliers are also with us from time to time, ideas were exchanged to increase efficiency by sharing ideas. The gleam in the eyes of our friends who have achieved high success in their departments showed us once again that the gleam in their eyes cannot be lived without a goal and that the awards received do not correspond to spiritual pleasure.

The automotive industry plays a critical role in the development of the country's industry. As a company that is aware of this, we had the chance to carry out our policies in consultation with our stakeholders and to emphasize to our friends the importance of making fast and correct decisions in today's world where production-consumption preferences change direction very quickly.

The developments in our company in matters such as sales and marketing processes, supply processes, technological infrastructure investment… are the biggest indicators of the value we give to our country and our customers for the future. I would like to express our gratitude to our employees and suppliers who contributed to these sanctions, and I wish a good year for all humanity, our country, our customers and our sector employees, with the hope of achieving new goals hand in hand.

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