Süleyman Automotive Held Its Traditional Workshop

In an environment where many global and local developments and innovations are experienced, we have left behind another year with bitterness and sweetness. 2018 has taken its place in the past as a year in which everyone gained great material and spiritual experiences. We have tried to contribute to the development of our country and our industry by consulting with each other more than ever, by arm in arm with our company employees and the stakeholders we work with.

We started 2019 with our workshop in Bursa, where equity capital, expenses and a more dynamic and efficient management style are at the forefront. We have reviewed the micro and macro targets of our company by not giving up on the values ​​that make us who we are. We had the opportunity to talk about what kind of changes our industry might experience in the short and medium term, and the threats and opportunities that we may face in the short and medium term.
The trust we give to our customers and suppliers, with its strong capital structure, innovative and competent staff, forms the basis of our stable growth. It was worth seeing that the decisions and actions taken within a structure built on these values ​​triggered success and the pleasure of our colleagues who received their awards after these successes.

With the energy of leaving behind a workshop where subjects such as processes, targets, global and local markets are reviewed in detail, leaving the negatives aside and being beneficial to our industry and our country; So I believe it's time to study more.

I would like to express our gratitude to our employees and suppliers who contributed directly or indirectly to our company and our industry in 2018, and I hope that it will be a good year for all humanity, our country, our customers and our industry employees, with the hope of achieving new goals hand in hand.

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